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Expensive vs. Cheap

This is the way I see it from my point of view. If you are going to get something and you know you don’t have the money to get the expensive version of the item you want are you going … Continue reading

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Wow what can one say about spanking? Well, I know that I can say I had quite a few of those in my child hood life and if I may say I am thankful for all the spankings I had. … Continue reading

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Another Day to be thankful for

I had another day to be thankful for. I woke up chilled out for a while did a little bit of laundry. Went to visit a friend and I we went to look at some interior colors for my 57 ford … Continue reading

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happy, happy, happy

I am so happy to be here this day doing what I do no matter what it is I do, I am just happy to be here in the now. It gives me great pleasure to enjoy the time that … Continue reading

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Mom and Dad

I love you Mom and Dad. Mom I know Dad has been gone for a long while and I just wanted you to know that I am so proud of you for hanging in there all the time. I miss … Continue reading

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57 fenders removed today

Today Ed and I removed the fenders off my 57 Ford Fairlane, wow it is looking really bare. I am so excited to get my Fairlane all dolled up and looking sweet. I just love classic cars! Jerry

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Oct 29

On this day 52 years ago I was born into this wonderful life. I want to thank God my wonderful mother and my dad who is not with us anymore only in spirit. I had a nice day even in the … Continue reading

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