My Choice for 2012 President Obama

My choice for 2012 is President Obama great job Mr. President during Monday night debate another win! If Mitt by chance wins the Presidency which I strongly beleive he will not,  I know Mitt will want President Obama in is cabinet, haha Mitt agrees all the time with our President. Mitt doesn’t even know what he would do if Isereal would say bomers are on there way…Mitt avoided answering the question as to what he would do if Isereal was attacked. President Obama is very in touch with the average person, if your not rich Mitt doesn’t know you nor will he ever know you. Our President is already doing a great job with Syria without taking us to WAR.  He has measures in place to keep our Country safe and sound. Mitt would probably have us in another War if he was in Office. President Obama is showing leadership as it stands now. Fosil fuels energy efficiency great for the enviroment great for the economy. An energy revolution is on the rise with President Obama. President Obama is a part of the solution not a part of the problem. It took 8 years to get in this mess so give our President continued support to keep moving us FORWARD and pulling us out of the black hole we were once in. Sometimes when you loose a lot you have to do something different.  Tyler Perry says he lost an apartment and got a house, this is the attitude we all need to adopt. Become as educated as you can about the canidates. Strong steady leadership is what I want and President Obama is all about it. President Obama is correct in saying we need to do nation building here at HOME. Go to the polls and vote. I am on the Obama team! Let’s do this!!!

Our President is very smart when it comes to making decisions on sending Soldeirs, Marines, Sailors, Coast Guard and Air Men in harms way. Mitt will prematurely send military in harms way in a heart beat without giving too much thought to it and this concerns me greatly. It also  concerns me that Mitt can not put a time frame on pulling troops out of Afganastan and President Obama has put a mark on the wall 2014 we will be out of Afganastan, that’s my President, I get him and I understand him clearly without a doubt can’t say this for Mitt.  Our President knows how to apply pressure without making a lot of waves this is an art of influence that he is gifted with. Mitt tells the biggest Whoopers, haha our President says it nicely….Mitt lies alot. The final Presidentail debate was Monday evening and there was no need for me to really watch it cause I have already made up my mind but  I did watch it just to watch it. And as I predicted President Obama did exceptionally well.

Everyday go forward and make a new way for you or someone else, do something good for not only you but for someone else. Have a good attitude in everything you do no matter if the other person shows their bad attitude. Don’t be a jerk. And see all the goodness come to you! This is all I have for now. Later.

Jerry Finin

About Jerry

Hello my name is Jerry. I am retired from the United States Army served 30 years. I enjoy life. I love the sunshine, walking on the beach, shopping, antiques, classic cars being with friends and family. My hobbies are classic cars, going to cruise ins, walking the beach and helping people live their dreams. I love retirement life and I am thankful that I have reached retirement and I am enjoying it every day. I am always seeking ways to improve myself personally, professionally and financially and I have found by doing so with LIFE and since then has to up my "About Me" #TLYAW with this being said since retirement 2011 I have fell in with 2 gentle in the LIFE industry who is offering me an opportunity to live my dreams to the fullest so that I do not have to settle for a retirement but I can settle for a LAGACY!
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