My journey

When I started my journey 4 or so months ago on deciding who it was that I was going to vote for, after the second debate I knew without a doubt I would vote for President Obama. I did it with complete confidence and knowing for a fact President Obama was the better choice.  I know most feel beaten down and the tea party has been repudiated. The GOP needs to make some major changes with how they do business and support our second term President because the people have spoken. It is ridiculous that Billionaires the so-called Super Pacs spent Billions of dollars and got no where, I love it. They thought this election could be bought. Too bad those same billionaires will not put a penny toward the devastation of Sandy.

Republicans are out of the mainstream and in the extreme. They still will not realize that this is a big night they will not get it that America has spoken. Hey doesn’t that tell them something??  Hey maybe Republicans need to be CHANGED, well I guess they are somewhat of a tea-party thing.

I wonder where all my challengers are? Where are they now? umm somewhere sitting quietly now I suppose. It’s funny how they can’t express their thoughts with me after the election, if it would have been the other way around I would have at least came on-line and said hey you were right I was wrong. Some folks can’t do that, go ahead and stay in denial. I will be celebrating for the next four years!!

I say we start a movement for the “People Party” get rid of all the other parties and become one!

Jerry Finin





About Jerry

Hello my name is Jerry. I am retired from the United States Army served 30 years. I enjoy life. I love the sunshine, walking on the beach, shopping, antiques, classic cars being with friends and family. My hobbies are classic cars, going to cruise ins, walking the beach and helping people live their dreams. I love retirement life and I am thankful that I have reached retirement and I am enjoying it every day. I am always seeking ways to improve myself personally, professionally and financially and I have found by doing so with LIFE and since then has to up my "About Me" #TLYAW with this being said since retirement 2011 I have fell in with 2 gentle in the LIFE industry who is offering me an opportunity to live my dreams to the fullest so that I do not have to settle for a retirement but I can settle for a LAGACY!
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2 Responses to My journey

  1. immortalusmc says:

    You were right Finin, you predicted correctly. No the best man did not win and if you think that billions were spent by fat cat Republicans that lost, how much did Obama spend of OP’s money? Not that it is that relevant with the entire media supporting him and conservatives screwing themselves by not voting. Just so you know, we conservatives outnumber you leftist communistic socialists two to one. You did not defeat us, we defeated ourselves by not getting behind the best candidate. I for one did support the best candidate but even McCain got more votes than Romney. All that is history now but gloat while you can and as you pay and pay and pay from now on for the next four years ask yourself when the Tea Party roars back four years from now if you were better off under a know nothing socialist with his questionable background….I remember another Republican President who said Character Counts. You and others like you have made certain in the short term that in politics Character certainly does not count. I for one still believe that it does and I will never consider someone like Obama my President…..ever.


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