Think before you do a prank.

I am a serious person for the most part. I don’t joke around a lot never have not that I don’t like a good joke, some people can tell a good joke, if I repeat it I screw it up usually anyways, it is just not my character to be a jokester or a prankster. I usually go to a comedy club to get a good laugh. I am glad I am not one who pulls pranks on people, for one you just don’t know what the outcome may be. Australia’s 2Day FM station radio hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian are currently in an extremely delicate condition after their royal prank. It is awful the prank they did on the nurse at the hospital that Prince William’s pregnant wife was in. Their royal prank call led to the reported suicide of London hospital nurse Jacintha Saldhana who took the phone call. The hoaxers are full of self-loathing and remorse I am sure, just a real sad situation. BLUF think very hard before you pull a prank.

About Jerry

Hello my name is Jerry. I am retired from the United States Army served 30 years. I enjoy life. I love the sunshine, walking on the beach, shopping, antiques, classic cars being with friends and family. My hobbies are classic cars, going to cruise ins, walking the beach and helping people live their dreams. I love retirement life and I am thankful that I have reached retirement and I am enjoying it every day. I am always seeking ways to improve myself personally, professionally and financially and I have found by doing so with LIFE and since then has to up my "About Me" #TLYAW with this being said since retirement 2011 I have fell in with 2 gentle in the LIFE industry who is offering me an opportunity to live my dreams to the fullest so that I do not have to settle for a retirement but I can settle for a LAGACY!
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