Weight issues

The real reason so many people are overweight and struggling is because they are eating these chemical Laden foods that are being recommended on the latest and not so greatest fad diets. We’ve all been tricked by these marketing claims only to keep gaining more and more weight in the process. Don’t be misled by the labels. Companies exaggerate create buzz words trends to simply mislabel things and to manipulate us into thinking their foods are healthy when in fact they are not. Most labels in fact have these huge words that we don’t even know what they mean and only a chemist would know the meaning. My new philosophy is if you can’t read it don’t eat it. One important thing to know is that calories in doesn’t equal calories out so stop counting them! Most importantly don’t eat processed foods!!! Eat the right foods in the right combination in the right amount remember everything in moderation!

Another weight issue is lack of exercise, yes lack of exercise! If you sit on the couch thinking about exercising, well that’s just not going to cut it! One has to get motivated and reach from way down with in yes I said way down from within you. One must be self motivating and if your not you must find a coach and join a gym or you will not make it with losing the weight you need to! One will feel so good once you get started and stay with your program don’t give up on yourself, use the words “I can do it” or “Yes I can” these positive words will keep you going! So what are you waiting for? Get started today! Oh and get yourself an iPod or MP3 player and load your favorite music on it which helps tremendously! Good luck and the best of working out for you!


About Jerry

Hello my name is Jerry. I am retired from the United States Army served 30 years. I enjoy life. I love the sunshine, walking on the beach, shopping, antiques, classic cars being with friends and family. My hobbies are classic cars, going to cruise ins, walking the beach and helping people live their dreams. I love retirement life and I am thankful that I have reached retirement and I am enjoying it every day. I am always seeking ways to improve myself personally, professionally and financially and I have found by doing so with LIFE and since then has to up my "About Me" #TLYAW with this being said since retirement 2011 I have fell in with 2 gentle in the LIFE industry who is offering me an opportunity to live my dreams to the fullest so that I do not have to settle for a retirement but I can settle for a LAGACY!
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