Update on my journey of losing some weight and getting some muscle and a little stronger

I started in November 2013 on my journey to get fit and more healthier. In November I weighed in at the doctors office at 154 which floored me. I am 5′ 4″ and 154 is the most I’ve ever weighed in my life at the good age of 53 yo.
So, after leaving the doctors office I made up my mind right then and there that I would no longer just talk about how I needed to lose weight and actually do something physically and mentally about it. I have motivation more so now than ever, I am very determined, and I am very dedicated to make this journey a success for me! My high school weight was 120, my Army career weight was 132 on average until after my 20 year mark I gained weight weighing in at 142 on average go the 30 year mark of my army career. As I approached retirement I got lazy I didn’t work out and came somewhat as a chair potato watching TV just sitting around somewhat lost after being retired from 30 years of Active duty in the Army. But the good thing to all this is that the doctors appointment weigh in woke me up and I have been on a mission since November 2013. So, my last doctors appointment in April I weighed in at 142, I am still not where I want to be but I am definitely on my way!
So, I started out stretching before I started working out to get myself loosened up which help tremendously! It was a slow start but hey that’s ok the important thing is to stick with it, so that’s just what I did. I then joined the planet fitness gym in January and started on a regiment which entailed stretching, cardio, and strength training and watching everything that went in my mouth! I started drinking lots of water and eating more healthier! My digestive system is feeling and operating much easier and I feel so much better overall. I have decided that this has to be apart of my daily life or else I will not be as healthy as I like. I try to to eat organic when possible USDA certified. I try to stay away from junk food such as soda pop, candy and fast food joints. If I do go to fast food joints I try to find the healthiest item on the menu such as a fish sandwich or grilled chicken. I try to stay away from processed foods, and yes it is difficult cause there is so many foods with preservatives in them! Just thinking “healthy” makes a difference and helps a lot. Ok back to my work out. My typical day is stretching out, jogging 3 miles, walking 1 mile. Then going into some strength training working on my hips and waist, so I do some hip abduction 3 sets 15/20 repetitions. Then I do side ways waist both sides, legs, and arms all with 3 sets 15/20 reps. After working out I try to eat something healthy within 30 minutes of my completed workout. Importantly drink plenty of water too! If you get the urge to snack then snack on nuts! Start juicing too. I have a vita-mix and I also have the nuti-bullet, I love them both. I have a juicer too but I love the nutri-bullet the most!!! Take care of your body and it will take care of you. There are supplements I also take such as ginger for inflammation, garcina-Cambodia for weight, turmeric for over all health and vitamin D-3 for calcium. I dramatically cut back on milk and bread. I drink Almond milk with my cereal such as granola pumpkin and flaxseed cereal yummy it’s good. Oh yes and get your 30/45 grams of protein a day. I have protein bars that I eat not too long before my workout. Here’s to you getting healthier and exercising daily as a part of your life. Oh and if you can’t get an hour of working out in at least get 20 minutes in. And don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two just pick back up on the third day! Thanks for reading and I wish you good health!

About Jerry

Hello my name is Jerry. I am retired from the United States Army served 30 years. I enjoy life. I love the sunshine, walking on the beach, shopping, antiques, classic cars being with friends and family. My hobbies are classic cars, going to cruise ins, walking the beach and helping people live their dreams. I love retirement life and I am thankful that I have reached retirement and I am enjoying it every day. I am always seeking ways to improve myself personally, professionally and financially and I have found by doing so with LIFE and since then has to up my "About Me" #TLYAW with this being said since retirement 2011 I have fell in with 2 gentle in the LIFE industry who is offering me an opportunity to live my dreams to the fullest so that I do not have to settle for a retirement but I can settle for a LAGACY!
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